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Yaxham Light Railway

No 19 - Penlee - is a Hudson Hunslet, built in 1942, by The Hunslet Engine Co. Ltd of Leeds in association with Robert Hudson Ltd as (works No 2666).

This locomotive has a 25hp 2-cylinder McLaren diesel engine. It was delivered new to contractors Tarslag Ltd and used for runway construction at RAF Winslow, Bucks.

In 1947 it was acquired by Penlee Quarries Ltd, at Newlyn in Cornwall, in 1954 it spent time at Malvern works, then Lydd in Kent, before returning to Penlee in 1958.

This loco was acquired for preservation in 1968, passing through several hands before arriving at Yaxham from North Wales in 1998. This photograph shows the loco soon after being unloaded at Yaxham.

Restoration is now complete, which included an overhall of the sized engine, clutch and gearbox. Thre frame was stripped to bare metal and repainted. The cab panels were removed straightened, painted and refitted, resulting in the loco you see below, shortly after entering service on the railway in 2007.